High-Ticket Offers ($25,000) That Convert w/Blair Thielemier


Today’s guest on the Shane Sams Show is Blair Thielemier, former member of the Flipped Lifestyle community! She has a thriving membership called Pharmapreneur Academy and has now moved into selling high-ticket items.

Blair recently launched The Inner Circle Mentorship, a 6-month high level program for her members and those who want to have more access to her.

Shane Sams and Blair discuss pricing models, coaching strategies, and other ways to help your customers and clients get results.

In today’s episode you’ll learn:

  • How to sell high-ticket offers to people who want more access
  • Higher-priced products succeed because they are anchored in mission and vision
  • Blair Thielemier’s four pillars for online business success
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Andrew Warner Tells Us How To Have Better Podcast Interviews!


Today’s guest on the Shane Sams Show is Andrew Warner, founder of Mixergy and author of Stop Asking Questions! Andrew is an entrepreneur who has run marathons and recorded podcasts on every continent!

Andrew got into podcasting before most people even knew what podcasts were. He started organizing events and interviewing business people, and, from that, his Mixergy podcast was born!

Andrew tried to figure out a better way to get his podcast guests to open up, and the lessons he learned have made him the great podcast host he is today.

Shane & Jocelyn were guests on the Mixergy podcast, and you can check that out here: https://mixergy.com/interviews/flipped-lifestyle-with-shane-and-jocelyn-sams/ 

In today’s episode you’ll learn:

  • How Andrew Warner got started with podcasting
  • How you can be a guide for your podcast guests
  • Reframing your questions as statements helps your guests to open up
  • How to produce great podcast episodes by interviewing heroes of the...
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Fix Your Mind And Stop Letting False Beliefs Hold You Back (with Erin Pheil)!


Today’s guest on the Shane Sams Show is Erin Pheil of MindFixGroup.com! Erin specializes in helping entrepreneurs and leaders eliminate the mental roadblocks holding them back from what they are capable of.

Erin has a background in psychology and digital media. After suffering an injury that caused her lingering pain and depression, she saw a therapist who helped her understand that her mindset was the issue.

Erin helped a couple of friends overcome false beliefs, and they provided her with a lot of personal fulfillment. She then decided to help others because she felt alone and didn’t have much help when going through her own struggles. This led her to start MindFix!

In today’s episode you’ll learn:

  • How Erin Pheil got over her mental roadblocks to live the life she wants!
  • When we get rid of limiting beliefs, we give ourselves access to other ways of thinking that we didn’t before
  • It’s not the event that creates our experience; it’s how we...
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Tommy Breedlove Tells Us How To Live A Legendary Life!


Today’s guest on the Shane Sams Show is Tommy Breedlove, author of the book, Legendary! Tommy grew up on the south side of Atlanta, where he had a rough upbringing, but he turned his life around, got into UGA, and into a financial consulting firm.

After many years of not being fulfilled internally, Tommy knew he needed to change his mentality. His network took notice of the change and asked him what caused it, and Tommy then decided to resign from the board and chase his dream of writing books and speaking.

On this podcast episode, Tommy Breedlove and Shane Sams talk about Tommy’s journey, his struggles, and how he overcame those struggles to get to where he is today!

Find more about Tommy at TommyBreedlove.com

In today’s episode you’ll learn about:

  • Tommy Breedlove’s journey of personal development
  • How we all have fears and insecurities that we can learn from
  • How Tommy helps people find courage, confidence, and lead better
  • The gift of going...
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How Terry Dunlap Sold His Company For $20 Million to Microsoft!


Today’s guest on the Shane Sams Show is Terry Dunlap. Terry’s story is amazing! He was arrested for credit card fraud at 17 years old but later worked for the government, helping to eliminate security threats with the NSA.


After that, Terry started his own successful security company and developed training classes and automated processes, which led to the creation of a second company that Terry eventually sold to Microsoft for $20 million!


In today’s episode you’ll learn:

  • How Terry Dunlap created a company so successful that Microsoft bought it for $20 million!
  • How offering multiple pricing tiers in our business can lead to more sales
  • Actions begets action; success begets success, and how to make the next decision instead of worrying about best decision

Terry’s previous appearance on the Flipped Lifestyle podcast: https://flippedlifestyle.com/podcast355-we-help-terry-turn-his-hacking-superpowers-into-a-legit-and-legal-membership-site/...

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Ryan Reger On Creating Multiple Streams Of Income!


Today’s guest on the Shane Sams Show is Ryan Reger, author of Streams of Income! Ryan helps others start and grow their own e-commerce businesses in his membership, Legends!


Ryan Reger got started in 2008, working in a family wholesale business, posting ads and having success selling furniture on Craigslist.


Ryan put himself in the right place at the right time with a mentor and began learning about making money on Amazon. Shane Sams and Ryan Reger discuss how putting yourself in the right place at the right time and making connections lead to great things in your business!


Ryan has written several books and started multiple businesses as a way of creating multiple streams of income! His passion is bringing dads home and giving them more time to be with their families by teaching them how to make money online. Ryan’s goal is to provide jobs worldwide!


You can find him at RyanReger.com!


In today’s episode you’ll learn:

  • How...
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David Benham on Building a Cancel-Proof Brand


Today’s guest on the Shane Sams Show is David Benham of Expert Ownership! David and his twin brother, Jason, were 3-sport athletes who were drafted by the Red Sox and Orioles, respectively.

David tells how he went from swinging a bat to pushing a broom-- minor league baseball player to janitor-- in a period of just 3 months.

Hear David’s story about how he and his brother got into real estate, grew their business during the recession, and then were approached by a production company to appear on a reality show, only to have that opportunity taken away from them by social media pressure and cancel culture.

David talks about how faith, persistence, and authenticity helped to get him past that and brought him success.

In today’s episode you’ll learn:

- How to build up passive income to become “uncancelable”

- When things happen to you, it’s either a raving success or an incredible story

- How to overcome adversity by being faithful,...

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Pip Stehlik On How To Get More Sales!


Today’s guest on the Shane Sams Show is Pip Stehlik of PipsPath.com! Pip is a real estate investor, motivational speaker, and founder of Pip’s Path. He has led workshops in 18 countries and on 5 continents!

Shane and Pip talk about stand-up comedy and how that launched Pip into real estate investing.

Getting your customers to ask questions is the most important thing you can do to get your next sale, and offering them support is the way to retain clients.

If you want to connect with your audience, it’s important to be your authentic self because those who are listening will be able to tell if you’re not.

In today’s episode you’ll learn:

- How to get wins for your customers by letting them ask questions

- How everything in life is tied to sales

- The importance of being authentic

- Pip’s 10-step process to get more sales in anything you do

Connect with Pip!

Go to pipspath.com or send an email to [email protected]


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Michael Pink's 7 Secrets of The Sale!


Today’s guest on the Shane Sams Show is a prolific author - Michael Pink. On today’s show, Shane and Michael talk about one of Michael’s books that sold over 400,000 copies! Michael Pink is also an awesome on-stage speaker with deep roots in the speaking industry and a worldwide expert at getting sales!


In today’s episode you’ll learn:

  • How Michael Pink got his start selling door-to-door
  • How to overcome failure and keep moving forward
  • The epiphany Michael Pink had that helped him believe in himself and niche down so that he was best able to succeed
  • Michael Pink’s 3-phase system is made up of 7 steps to take your sales game to the next level in God’s Ways!



Show Notes

Michael Pink grew up seeing the sales industry first-hand. Over the years he has learned many lessons about the ins-and-outs, to-dos, and what-not-to-dos.

Not only did his experiences help him excel in sales but it continues to help him daily have a...

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How To Sell Using NLP Techniques (W/ Nikki Rausch)!


Today’s guest on the Shane Sams Show is Nikki Rausch - the founder of yoursalesmaven.com! Nikki Rausch is Shane Sams’s go-to source for all things conversations and sales. Nikki Rausch specializes in helping you close more sales and helping women make more money!


In this week’s episode you’ll learn:

  • The power of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • How NLP can help you find what your customer needs so you can close more deals
  • Nikki Rausch’s 5-Step Selling Staircase




Show Notes

Why is being flexible important to sales? (12:00)

Nikki Rausch saying being flexible is a huge part of sales because when you are flexible you can put someone at ease. When you can put somebody at ease in a sales situation they will:

  1. Be much more revealing about how to earn their business
  2. Listen to you longer.


What does a selling system look like? (26:00)

Nikki Rausch teaches the 5 steps of a sales conversation, or what she calls “The...

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