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Are you a speaker, author, coach, or entrepreneur needing a powerful presentation that captivates and converts?

StoryPitch™ helps you create a world-class presentation for stages, webinars, and sales pages through our unique, trademarked process.

Work with an elite team of master storytellers, creators, and supporters who’ve moved the masses, and made millions in sales to turn your life story into an epic masterpiece.

Transform your story. Transform your life. Transform the world.

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Shane Sams Presents:

Where Your Story Becomes an Epic Masterpiece
That Inspires Your Audience to Take Massive Action!

Are you a speaker, author, coach, or entrepreneur? 

Then you need a presentation that converts on stages, webinars, and sales pages!

Welcome to StoryPitch™, the world-class solution crafted for those who need their story to shine and want share their message to move the masses!

Developed by master storyteller Shane Sams, the StoryPitch™ method can help you transform your story into a captivating presentation that helps you book more gigs, sell more offers, get more clients, expand your influence, and grow your business!

Why StoryPitch™?

Imagine having a team of master storytellers, creators, and supporters who’ve collectively moved the masses and generated millions in sales, working tirelessly to transform your life story into a career-defining presentation.

This is not just coaching; this is an all-encompassing, elite service designed to help you create a presentation so powerful, you’ll use it for years to come to build the life you want!

What You Get:

  • An Elite Team at Your Fingertips: Gain access to experienced storytellers and creators who work together like a writer’s room for a major TV show to make you the star, and help your story shine!
  • A Decade of Mastery in Weeks: What would take you ten years of trial, error, and iteration, we deliver in just 12 - 16 weeks.
  • A Career-Defining Presentation That Delivers: Create an epic, world-class presentation for stages, webinars, and sales pages that will leave your audience in awe, clearly communicate your message, spread your ideas, and help your income grow!

Your Epic Journey with StoryPitch™:

  1. Story Scripting: Work with Shane Sams, tapping into over a decade of experience, to uncover, refine, and communicate your unique story.
  2. Storyboarding: Begin creating your slide deck with expert guidance to visualize your narrative.
  3. Professional Slide Creation: Collaborate with master slide creators to turn your story into stunning visuals.
  4. Rehearsal & Review: Practice and polish your presentation with feedback from seasoned producers and editors, ensuring it’s ready to wow any audience.
  5. Final Polishing: Achieve perfection with a second review, integrating all final touches and enhancements under experts speech coaches and NLP masters.
  6. Webinar & Stage coaching: learn how to put the crowd into the palm of your hand, build rapport, and master on stagecraft and presence! 

Results That Speak Volumes:

  • Speakers: Deliver the presentation of your life, mesmerize your audience, and secure more speaking gigs.
  • Authors: Boost your book sales with a compelling presentation that resonates.
  • Entrepreneurs: Close more deals, book more calls, and increase sales with a persuasive pitch.
  • Coaches: Fill your calendar with booked sessions and sell out your programs with a powerful narrative.

It's time for you to own the Spotlight!

If you don’t make the sale, you’ve wasted all your marketing efforts and time building your offer. 

And if you bomb on stage, you won’t find yourself booking gigs!

StoryPitch let’s you make the sale, communicate your message, wow the crowd, and deliver the presentation of your life!

StoryPitch™ ensures you don’t just understand your offer and message; you communicate it effectively and inspire the exact actions you want!

Transform your story, transform your life, with StoryPitch!™


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