How Scott Beebe Runs A Business On Purpose!

scott beebe shane sams Apr 22, 2021

Today’s guest is Scott Beebe of Business On Purpose ( He is on fire and on a mission to coach people and take their business to the next level - through visions, missions, creating systems, and creating teams in their businesses.


In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Making the most of your time on this earth
  • How to build a better business to impact more people
  • How to spend more time with your spouse + children
  • How to take of yourself so you can handle the pressures of your online business



Show Notes

Finding joy in your job. (17:00)

Scott Beebe says work worth doing is a work worth carrying a burden with it. Work on the deck while the tide is out!

There are seasons for everything. Don’t look for success to be instantaneous. You have to find enough joy in the job to get to the success.

You have to have purpose in your job. You have to be in business on purpose. Business on purpose is only that way if you make it that way!


Writing down your vision. (32:00)

Scott Beebe says you have to write down your vision for your business - just like in Habakkuk 2:2. You have to write down your detailed vision so that it is a snapshot of the future of your business. If you do not write it out you are going nowhere.

There are two ways Scott says you can articulate your vision to your team:

  1. Write it down.
  2. Having a project manager.


Writing your vision statement. (44:00)

Scott breaks his vision statement Ito 7 different categories (in no less than 3 pages):

  1. The duration or term. (Scott doesn’t believe these should go longer than 36 months and no less than 12 months).
  2. What you want for your family and freedom because of your business. You should include your personal freedom goals in this too - be specific!
  3. Finances. Be realistic on how much cash profit you want to make. Include what you need to make and spend to get it.
  4. Product and service. What product or service are going to be able to sell to get your financial vision that allows you to have your freedom vision.
  5. Your team. What team do you need to deliver your product or service to deliver the financials, to get you to your freedom section in that amount of time?
  6. Customer. Who is it that you’re going after and who isn’t a great fit for you?
  7. Culture. What do you want people to say about you behind your back?


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