John Ruhlin On Increasing Your Network Through Giftology!

giftology john ruhlin Jun 03, 2021

Today’s guest on the Shane Sams Show is John Ruhlin - Author of the book Giftology and creator and the Giftology System!

John’s system teaches people the art and science of using intentional gift-giving to build and cement amazing relationships in your life.

In today’s episode you’ll learn:

  • How you can increase your network through gift-giving
  • How we can get more leads and referrals in our business through gift-giving
  • How we can retain and keep our customers longer through gift-giving
  • How gift-giving is critical to having happy, productive employees
  • How gift-giving is valuable in our relationships




Show Notes

John will tell you, “how you love and treat people will open more doors than you can imagine.” One gifting experience (Brooks Brother experiment) has opened more doors than $10 Million in advertising could ever do.

After applying principles of generosity learned from “Attorney Paul,” John started selling the largest deals in Cutco history out of 1.5 million other reps and distributors. Yes. 1.5 million. Not only was he gifting knives but he was being asked to speak on stages around the country to teach sales and marketing teams how to build relationships in unconventional ways. Simple but powerful things like focusing your care on the executive’s spouse, the assistant, and kids.

Ruhlin Group started in 2000 and quickly broadened gifting options and strategies, but many of the original principles never changed. Knowing how and when to give gifts is just as important as what to gift. These “minor” details and expert knowledge have been tested and proven over a decade to bring a guaranteed “wow” to any industry from financial services to manufacturing widgets.

Today John and his team have created gift packages for some of the largest companies and pro sports teams in the world, but their mission and heart is to serve and take relationships for mid-sized, privately owned businesses to a new level using their Proven Process.

After spending a long time deliberating on things like is self-publishing a book a good idea, John decided to write a book that would share his ideology and the way he works in his industry to reach new levels of success. But sure to check out John’s new book, Giftology here:


How do you go against cynical people? (17:00)

John Ruhlin says the #1 thing about his process to keep in mind is that you can’t give to get - that’s just manipulation. You have to have pure motives going into each relationship.

John Ruhlin believes that when you pour into humans, they will want to reciprocate. John suggests using 5-10% of your net profits to reciprocating into building those relationships.

However, if you do this the wrong way and expect reciprocation immediately it becomes a give-for-give transaction. But, if you continue to show up for someone it will come back to you ten-fold!


Does this system work at a customer or employee level? (22:00)

When someone hires John Ruhlin’s agency - 80% of the budget they help them redirect from marketing and other areas, goes towards their warm market.

On the flip side, if John’s team were to go after cold markets you would have to add a zero or two - simply because there is no relationship built.

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