Michael Pink's 7 Secrets of The Sale!


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Today’s guest on the Shane Sams Show is a prolific author - Michael Pink. On today’s show, Shane and Michael talk about one of Michael’s books that sold over 400,000 copies! Michael Pink is also an awesome on-stage speaker with deep roots in the speaking industry and a worldwide expert at getting sales!


In today’s episode you’ll learn:

  • How Michael Pink got his start selling door-to-door
  • How to overcome failure and keep moving forward
  • The epiphany Michael Pink had that helped him believe in himself and niche down so that he was best able to succeed
  • Michael Pink’s 3-phase system is made up of 7 steps to take your sales game to the next level in God’s Ways!



Show Notes

Michael Pink grew up seeing the sales industry first-hand. Over the years he has learned many lessons about the ins-and-outs, to-dos, and what-not-to-dos.

Not only did his experiences help him excel in sales but it continues to help him daily have a platform of excellence to share the Gospel of Christ - his ultimate goal.



What are the 7 Secrets Of The Sale? (42:00)

For Michael Pink, his 7 core principles of his sales process look like this:

Level 1:

  • Character. The first thing to succeed in business and life is developing your character. There are 5 main keys to developing your character:
  • Accountability.
  • Gratitude.
  • Generosity.
  • Humility.
  • Commitment.


  • Competence. This is all about how to develop and get good at what you’re doing. Look at what you’re doing, see what needs to be fixed. This stage is all about the process.


Level 2: Pick the right seed. This level helps you identify where to spend your time and what skills to develop.


Level 3: Prayer. This is where God works through you to do what you could never do on your own. Prayer allows you to get the Grace and Favor that only God can give you!


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