Ramon Ray On How To Have A Smart Hustle And Become A Celebrity CEO!

ramon ray Jun 24, 2021

Today’s guest on the Shane Sams Show is Ramon Ray of ramonray.com! Ramon Ray is an inspirational, motivational, high-energy entrepreneur who is unapologetically not boring!

Ramon Ray is an in-demand expert in small business and a coveted keynote speaker who travels all over the world and speaks to thousands of people every single year - and works with some of the biggest global brands that want to reach more customers online.


In today’s episode you’ll learn:

  • How speaking can be an amazing thing you can add to your business
  • How you can use speaking to reach out, build new relationships, and find new customers
  • How you can use virtual and LIVE speaking events to grow your business
  • What it means to be a Celebrity CEO
  • How you can leverage your ability to be liked, known, and trusted to build a loyal following


Show Notes

Inspirational. Motivational. High-energy. (8:00)

Why does Ramon Ray relate to the words “inspirational, motivational, and high-energy?” If you ask Ramon, it’s because the mission at Smart Hustle is to inspire and educate small business owners.


How did Ramon Ray get to the path of becoming a professional speaker? (12:00)

When Ramon Ray’s son was young Ramon began speaking as an Administrative Officer for the United Nations. But, when Ramon started speaking he was doing so for free. 

He kept speaking and kept speaking until one day he finally got the question, “Ramon, what's your fee to speak?”


What happened to your speaking events when LIVE events started getting shut due to COVID-19? (17:00)

Ramon Ray says when everything was getting shut down it was very scary - partly because in his mind a big part of his revenue was getting shut down as well.

But, after praying with his church he was inspired to do an online summit in which he had 2,000 sign-ups!


What is a Celebrity CEO and why is this concept so important? (22:00)

The first thing to grasp about being a Celebrity CEO is that as a business owner you are already a CEO - when you have more visibility and more audience, you can funnel more people to our business.

Ramon Ray breaks it down like this:

  1. Ask for a smile before you ask for a sale.
  2. Building community and building your fan base.
  3. Nurturing people to a sale. 


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