Tom Schwab On Using Podcasts To Grow Your Business!

tom schwab May 06, 2021

Today’s guest on the Shane Sams Show is Tom Schwab of Shane Sams has known Tom Schwab for many years and Tom’s expertise is in podcast guesting.

Tom has been on over 1,200 podcasts, has been interviewed over 1,200 times, and has used that strategy to grow his own business - as well as grow other consultants, coaches, entrepreneurs, authors, and thought leaders grow their business as well through the power of podcast guesting.

In today’s episode you’ll hear us talk about:

  • Why we believe everyone should be in the podcast world
  • Overcoming some major fears like like asking to be on peoples’ podcasts or being interviewed
  • How you can use being interviewed on podcasts to grow your audience, email list, and business
  • How to be a real great guest so you can be recommended to be on other podcasts
  • How to find the right podcast opportunities



 Show Notes

Why people will turn you up or turn you off. (14:00)

Tom Schwab says, “When are on a podcast episode  - your voice builds a relationship with your audience. Some people will hear your story but not resonate with it and that’s fine. People will turn you up or off and you only want those people that turn you up anyways! (The water should always be cold or hot, lukewarm water will not do)!”

If you are trying to build a relationship and business - that is going to take people knowing, liking, and trusting you. This is where your lifetime value comes into play!

Should you be a podcast guest or a podcast host? (16:00)

Should you be a podcast guest or a podcast host? It’s like saying, “should I be an Uber driver or an Uber passenger?” Same platform, different goals.

Being a podcast guest is a great way to get new leads, new exposure, backlinks, and new networks.

Having your own podcast? It’s a great way to nurture current leads and current customers.


The best way to grow a business. (22:00)

While a podcast is a great way to catch your audience’s attention - Tom says a meaningful conversation is the way to capture them.

Tom says not to chase shiny objects and focus on what can bring meaningful conversation! (It’s probably not going to be from a 30 second TikTok)!


Podcast Guesting. (35:00)

The first thing about guesting on podcasts Tom says is knowing that you ask to be on a show, not pitch a show. You pitch a baseball - you introduce a human being.

Here’s a couple of Tom’s tips for being a good guest:

  • Show up prepared. Know who you’re talking to.
  • Show up on time.
  • Make the host look like a genius for introducing you.
  • Be gracious. Thank them.
  • Promote the show when it comes out.
  • Don’t go on an infomercial.


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