Vincent Pugliese On Achieving Total Life Freedom!

vincent pugliese May 13, 2021

Today’s guest is Vincent Pugliese of!

 We cover a lot in today’s episode - not just about online business, but how to achieve total life freedom so you can control every minute of your day. You can have a business where you can work anywhere you have internet access. If you want to go on the road for 8 weeks like Vincent, you can!

 You’ll also hear several different revenue streams Vincent uses to piggyback off his membership site!



Show Notes

 Vincent was a photographer for 23 years and even used to work with the WWE! He was a journalist working for newspapers, magazines, professional sports - you name it!

 Even though he and his wife were acclaimed journalists, they weren’t making enough money and had to start shooting weddings.

 Vincent’s dad said to him that he was settling for $32,000/year because he had benefits. He realized it was true and it hit him in the gut.

 Within a year of starting his wedding business, it became a 6-figure business!

 After a while, he started venturing into the world of online business. Through many masterminds he realized he needed to be able to create the membership and community that he wanted to be a part of. 


Your membership doesn’t have to be for everybody (and it shouldn’t)! (22:00)

Your membership and community should be run the way you want it. For Vincent, he likes running a small niche community.

Like Vincent said - too often, people want to scale their memberships too large. Once it gets that large, they lose their love for it. It kills the culture and community.


How to use your podcast to grow your audience. (26:00)

Vincent says having consistent good relationships is the key to building a life of freedom. There is no real business method - yes, he puts himself in front of audiences but the relationships he has built is the reason he has grown to where he is today.

Not only has it helped him get where he is, but it has helped him in his actual business itself!

You never know which relationship will give you the right opportunities.


You don’t make the money from the book. (44:00)

“You don’t make the money from the book - you make the money from what’s in the book.” The content inside of Vincent’s book that he gives away leads you to his community.


Finding ways to keep your attention. (53:00)

When your income is passive you especially have to make sure you’re adding variety into your schedule. Doing too much of the same thing can cause you to burnout and become complacent.

The work you do has to be new, fun, and enjoyable! For Shane and Vincent, that’s podcasts. But, that can look like whatever you want it to, whatever you enjoy doing the most in your business.


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