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Welcome to our new home, MembershipMasters.com!

This is the home for the Membership Masters Podcast!

Membership Masters (TM) is the #1 membership site marketing podcast where you will learn how to build a million dollar membership online! 

Membership Masters is exclusively designed for the entrepreneur who wants to make money online and create passive income  with memberships! 

Each episode, your host Shane Sams (Founder, The Flipped Lifestyle Podcast and FlippedLifestyle.com) has an uncut, casual mastermind conversation with some of most influential Membership Marketers online and explores how to build a membership site empire!

Guests include; Stu McClaren of Tribe, John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneurs on Fire, Mike Morrison of The Membership Guys Podcast, Robbie Baxter Author of The Membership Economy, James Schramko of SuperFastBusiness®, The Merrymaker Sisters of MerryBody Membership, and more!   

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