Cliff Ravenscraft Shares 7 Tips Guaranteed To Increase Membership Retention!


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I know you are going to love my interview with one of my good friends - Cliff Ravenscraft! Cliff Ravenscraft is one of the most well-known and successful podcasters anywhere on the planet!

He has recorded over 5,000 podcasts episodes and grew to fame as the Podcast Answer Man when podcasts first emerged on the scene!

Now Cliff spends his time as a mentor and coach, becoming the Mindset Answer Man!

He shares all the lessons and wisdom that he has picked up along the way in his entrepreneurial journey.

We cover a lot of ground on this week’s podcast you’re going to learn:

  • How to overcome the biggest mindset challenges that are holding you back in your business journey,
  • We talk about how to be happy and content in any situation so that you can enjoy the journey of entrepreneurship, not just the destination.
  • We go into a rabbit hole and tell you how to use hypnotherapy techniques to mesmerize your audience and your customers. 

And, Cliff gives us 7 amazing tips for improving customer retention and turning your members into forever customers!



 Show Notes

Cliff Ravenscraft’s 7 keys to retention:

  1. Get the right person in the door.

It doesn’t matter how you do it - but if you don’t get the right people in the door your retention will be terrible!


  1. Be present.

 Be there for your members. Do not be an absentee leader!


  1. Don’t get distracted.


Don’t get distracted by other opportunities. There are a lot of opportunities by the people that follow you.


  1. Under promise, over deliver.

It's just as simple as it sounds. Under promise - but give more value than you have anticipated! 


  1. Give people massive value before they ever join.

 By doing this, there is trust + reciprocity built in!


  1. Be more intentional.

Be more intentional about focusing your members, clients customers - on what you want them to focus on.


  1. Access.

If you’re going to serve people and you’re not just trying to make a buck - you have to give them access to you!



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