How Terry Dunlap Sold His Company For $20 Million to Microsoft!


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Today’s guest on the Shane Sams Show is Terry Dunlap. Terry’s story is amazing! He was arrested for credit card fraud at 17 years old but later worked for the government, helping to eliminate security threats with the NSA.

After that, Terry started his own successful security company and developed training classes and automated processes, which led to the creation of a second company that Terry eventually sold to Microsoft for $20 million! 

In today’s episode you’ll learn:

  • How Terry Dunlap created a company so successful that Microsoft bought it for $20 million!
  • How offering multiple pricing tiers in our business can lead to more sales
  • Actions begets action; success begets success, and how to make the next decision instead of worrying about best decision

Terry’s previous appearance on the Flipped Lifestyle podcast: 

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