How To Sell Using NLP Techniques (W/ Nikki Rausch)!


Today’s guest on the Shane Sams Show is Nikki Rausch - the founder of! Nikki Rausch is Shane Sams’s go-to source for all things conversations and sales. Nikki Rausch specializes in helping you close more sales and helping women make more money!


In this week’s episode you’ll learn:

  • The power of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • How NLP can help you find what your customer needs so you can close more deals
  • Nikki Rausch’s 5-Step Selling Staircase




Show Notes

Why is being flexible important to sales? (12:00)

Nikki Rausch saying being flexible is a huge part of sales because when you are flexible you can put someone at ease. When you can put somebody at ease in a sales situation they will:

  1. Be much more revealing about how to earn their business
  2. Listen to you longer.


What does a selling system look like? (26:00)

Nikki Rausch teaches the 5 steps of a sales conversation, or what she calls “The Selling Staircase.” And, it looks like this:

  • Step 1: The Introduction. This is where it is your job to make a powerful first impression.


  • Step 2: Learn How To Create Curiosity. If you can create curiosity people will want to know more about what you’re selling! (This is by far the most missed step in the selling process).


  • Step 3: Discovery. This is where you began to have a conversation that allows you to find out what their needs, wants, and desires are.


  • Step 4: Proposal. This doesn’t have to be a formal or written scope of work proposal. It could just be a recommendation or the next step.


  • Step 5: The Close. (This is the second most-missed step). You have to deliver close language to give that person the decision whether or not to hire you.


What is Nikki Rausch’s mission? (40:00)

For Nikki Rausch, her mission is to give people the confidence to bring revenue into their business so that they can impact the lives of their family and their community.

This is because Nikki knows that when women make money in their business it goes to their family and it also goes to their community.


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