How To Get Out Of Debt with Talaat + Tai McNeely!

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I am super excited about my guests on the show today - Talaat and Tai McNeely from His and Her Money (!

They are America’s #1 money couple and they help you manage your money better, become a better couple with your spouse, and lead a better life. A life that is debt-free and full of financial freedom!

Today’s podcast is focused on getting out of and staying out of debt!Whether it’s consumer debt, school loans, or debt that you rack up in your home we’re going to talk about the ways you can get out of debt as well!



What You'll Learn:

  • Structure = Freedom. (7:00)

  • Better money, better couple, better life! (13:00)

  • The issue with having more faith in the system than yourself. (23:00)

  • Why you have to ignore the hate! (35:00)

  • The fast track to online business success! (40:00)


Show Notes

Structure = Freedom.

You still get to pick what’s in your structure, don’t be afraid to go down rabbit holes in your online business.

Don’t be scared to be prolific. If you want to be successful you have to structure yourself enough in your day to day tasks to allow your financial and time freedom.


Better money, better couple, better life!

Getting out of debt was pivotal for Tai and Talaat! Tai and Talaat got out of Talaat’s debt together. In doing so, they learned how to use their God-given talents and experiences to solve a problem that other couples face!

When they became completely debt-free, they allowed God to use them as blueprints to lead others on the path to better money, being a better couple, and living a better life!


Having more faith in the system than yourself.

Don’t feed into the system. Don’t have more faith in the system than you have in yourself!

Tai and Talaat had to realize that they had to create a business that would leave a legacy for their family. The best part? They already had the money to leave their jobs.

Take the leap! Don’t let the fear of that “safety net” from your 9 to 5 stop you from finding your freedom! You never know who is watching and who will change their lives by watching you change your own.


Ignore the hate!

It doesn’t matter what you do - people are going to hate on things they don’t want to believe.

Just like Talaat said, you can post a YouTube video with 1,000 thumbs up. If you see one thumbs down that’s all we tend to focus on. You have got to ignore those people.

If you don’t ignore them, those people will stop you form doing what you are called to do.


The fast track to online business success!

Getting out of debt makes your online business journey succeed faster! Not having to spend your money immediately on paying towards your debts allows you to put that money back into your business!

Tai and Talaat say the first thing is to set some goals for your debt freedom as well. Your debt freedom will depict what you can and can’t do in your online business. Decisions you have to make and ones you won’t have to make.

Understand WHY it is part of your business strategy to get out of debt. Use a blended approach. Every dollar of debt you decrease is a dollar of net worth you increase.


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