Kathy Martin On Saying NOPE To Imposter Syndrome!


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Today’s guest on the Membership Masters Podcast is Kathy Martin of prealgebrateachers.com!

Over the years Shane Sams has helped thousands of family-focused entrepreneurs start, build, and grow online businesses of their own.

Several years ago Kathy joined the Flipped Lifestyle Community and started her online journey. She struggled her first year and after getting her first members - they quit. Kathy was relentless, prolific, and consistent. Now, she leads and amazing online community of over 500 members!

In today’s episode we talk about:

  • How desire was critical in the beginning of Kathy’s online business journey
  • Overcoming mindset issues that entrepreneurs face every step in their journey
  • How Kathy says “NOPE” when fear creeps into her mind to try to stop her growth



Show Notes

What triggered you to start your own membership? (8:00)

Kathy Martin had taught elementary school for a few years. But, one day she got an email saying she would have to teach high school students if she wanted a job - an age group she wasn’t passionate about teaching. It was through that situation that she realized she didn’t matter to that school system.

When you come to that realization moments (much ink Kathy’s), you know that you have to make another choice. To start a business and become an online entrepreneur - many times it is this moments that trigger us to change our families’ future and change our trajectory.

Having hundreds or thousands of people in your membership, not only do you matter - you are leading and matter to a LOT of people!


Having grit - not giving up. (22:00)

There was a time when what Kathy was trying to do in the online space just wasn’t working. There were times she could have given up but that God she didn’t!

We all go through those moments (especially as entrepreneurs) when we feel like giving up on our dreams.

In those moments Kathy reflected on the issues she was having and the fact that she could solve those same problems for so many others. She knew she had to refuse to quit for them and herself too!


Kathy’s N.O.P.E system. (26:00)

When Kathy is struggling with her mindset and imposter system she breaks her thoughts down like this:

N - Notices what she is thinking.

O - Opposes those “who am I” thoughts with remembering who she is.

P - Programs a new thought.

E - Exits the old thought.

You control your thoughts - whatever you want to feel, you can feel it. If you keep thinking, “who is going to listen to me,” then those thoughts become your reality!


What your threshold? (35:00)

We all have a threshold that we want to achieve to feel comfortable enough to go full force into your online business.

It’s smart to have a safety net and security when you’re starting out - but there comes a time when you reach the threshold in your business that you don’t need the first income anymore (and it actually holds you back).


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