Unique Tactics Geoff Woods of The ONE Thing Uses To Convert + Grow Email Lists!


On this week’s episode of the Membership Masters Podcast I talk to Geoff Woods, The Vice President of The ONE Thing. If you have never read the incredible book The ONE Thing by Gary Keller - go order it right now! It was one of the pivotal books in our journey to becoming successful online entrepreneurs.

In today’s podcast Geoff and I go deep into how he became the leader into The ONE Thing publishing company and The ONE Thing Community - the membership community and revenue driver behind the book.

On today’s show you are going to learn: 1) how to network and make the connections you need to make your business and life goals a reality 2) how to hire the best people to take your membership to the next level 3) one of the most unique sales page tactics I have ever seen to convert and grow your email list!


What You'll Learn:

  • Why you should be the guy that asks questions. (9:00)

  • All about The ONE Thing Community (17:45)

  • Why you shouldn't come out of the gate with too many members. (22:00)

  • How The ONE Thing uses their options pages. (28:30)

  • Why you should be creating life-long fans. (42:00)

  • How to build “graceful accountability.” (47:30)


Show Notes

Be the guy that asks questions.

Always ask the question, “how can I help?” Geoff works to create connections through the industry and help others out in any way he can. If you can connect with somebody that give value or solve an issue - you are doing just as much value by making connections!

Geoff realized he had to do three things exceptionally well when he got into memberships:

  1. Create a vision.
  2. Drive revenue.
  3. Recruit people.


The ONE Thing Community.

When you make an investment you expect a return. Like Geoff said, our time is actually more valuable than our money but we can’t hold our time at the same standard that we hold our money!


Don’t come out of the gate with too many members.

You don’t want to have to refund 150 people their investments - especially when you’re just starting out like Geoff was. We always, always, always recommend small groups of beta members!

The expectations are lower, they see that it is a small group, there isn’t all the pressure of a full-blown membership. And, they are not overwhelming so that you have much better success!


Utilizing an options page.

Geoff does something really cool with his options page:

  • The first option he offers is a monthly limited access to membership.
  • The middle option is the “all-access” pass. It was broken up monthly but it was a 14-day trial annual.
  • Then the third option was a “free” version on basics. It was basically just an opt-in.


Creating life-long fans.

When you build trust with people, even if they have financial issues at the moment and have to opt-out, they will come back. They will recommend you and share your posts - as long you help them form a “keystone habit.” Geoff says those recommendations will drive the bottom-line of your business!


How to build “graceful accountability.”

This is Geoff’s biggest focus and priority this year! It centers around retention, growth, and operational stability.

It’s less focused on engagements on social media, webinars, or things like that. And, more helping people connect with each other + showing up for workshops! It builds “graceful accountability.”


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