Welfont Founder Joe Johnson Teaches Us How To Overcome Failure!


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Today’s guest on the Shane Sams Show is Joe Johnson - the former CEO of Success Magazine, the Founder of Welfont, and the current leader of OXLOS!

Joe Johnson has experienced the highest of the highs in entrepreneurship and the lowest of the lows. In today’s episode you’ll learn those valuable lessons Joe Johnson learned through every experience he learned throughout his entrepreneurial journey!


Show Notes

Having the courage to get back up. (22:00)

Joe’s story of entrepreneurship began at a very young age. He started before he even truly knew what he was doing! Long story short, at 21-years-old his company went bankrupt and Joe Johnson was $300K in debt. But, because of his hard work and determination just 7 years later he was Blessed enough to be able to pay back all the people he owed that $300K to!

The biggest key to Joe Johnson’s success was the fact that he never gave up. He always tried again. He always dared to get back up and every entrepreneur will fail at some point - you just have to be willing to try and try again!


What is OXLOS? (32:00)

Joe Johnson says OXLOS is a Greek word from the New Testament used to describe large gatherings - especially where Jesus would speak. So, the concept of OXLOS for Joe Johnson is about a place where a large group of people come together and take them from inspiration to transformation.

The big picture Joe has is for people to leave equipped with the tools to truly change their lives. The areas of OXLOS focus are entrepreneurship, investor education, anything you need to help take you from dreaming about something, and being able to take action and make those dreams a reality.


What is Life Surge and why go into the LIVE event business? (50:00)

Life Surge is a Christian business event whose purpose is to help people in their business, careers, wealth creation, and impact.

The idea is that you can go and be successful in your career but also have an impact on other people’s lives and the Kingdom of God. It allows you to get out of the 9 to 5 grind but doing it God’s way.


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