How Ashley Drummonds Got ABS Eating Pancakes (+ A Deal On Shark Tank w/ Daymond John)!


Today’s guest on the Shane Sams Show is Ashley Drummonds - the founder of ABS Pancakes ( and she got a Deal on Shark Tank with Daymond John!


On this amazing episode of the show you’ll learn:

  • How Ashley Drummonds got a Deal with Daymond John on Shark Tank
  • How Ashley Drummonds came up with a amazing idea for a product
  • The top-secret process to apply and get onto Shark Tank
  • How to prepare a pitch for Shark Tank
  • How to take advantage of entrepreneurial opportunities (like Shark Tank) and enjoy them in the process



Show Notes

You may recognize Ashley Drummonds from her episode on the show Shark Tank pitching ABS pancakes ( But, Ashley’s love for fitness started long before the protein pancakes!

In college she got heavily involved in personal fitness, understanding her own mental discipline, and sharing that with other people. About 6 months into her first personal training job she realized she wanted to be...

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