Mike Michalowicz On How To Be A Prolific Author!


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Today’s guest on the Shane’s Sams Show is Mike Michalowicz of mikemichalowicz.com!

Mike Michalowicz is an amazing author and is known for his books like Profit First and The Pumpkin Plan.

On today’s show you’ll learn:

  • How Mike Michalowicz is such a prolific author
  • Mike’s book Profit First and how it can give you more time, money, and more peace to your life
  • What it’s like to write a classic and change lives of entrepreneurs all over the world, every single day
  • Mike Michalowicz’s weirdest workout tip he uses every single day



Show Notes

How is Mike Michalowicz so prolific as an author? (12:00)

Mike Michalowicz says his secret to being a prolific author is to make writing the #1 priority in his professional life. 

Every single week day at 6 am he gets together virtually with a group of authors to write. How much is that a week? Around 5,000 words - that’s a couple...

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