A Flipped Lifestyle Member Becomes A Membership Master!

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Today’s episode is little different than our normal Membership Masters how! Sometime we forget that Membership Masters aren’t just the celebrities crushing it online - there are Membership Masters all around us including my guest, Bill Giovanetti!

Bill is a Flipped Lifestyle Member and today we get to watch Bill go from membership dreamer to Membership Master! Bill did exactly what the November edition of the Membership Masters Newsletter said and he had a promotion that generated over $33K in a single week!!!



Show Notes

 Bill leads the Veritas School of Biblical Ministry, an unaccredited Master’s level program in theology. For him, the month of November was the breakthrough he needed to keep with his membership. At $33K in a single week - it’s pretty easy to understand how!

While Bill doesn’t like to talk about how much money he made it’s important to note: Bill has an important mission and the money makes his mission possible!


Why the membership model? (11:00)

 No other business model can help you impact the world like this! When you have a business, especially one aimed at serving others like Bill’s, you can cast that stone of yours and make money at the same time!

 Just like Bill’s kids, the membership will flavor their decisions and can impact the rest of their lives!


When do you pull the trigger? (18:30)

 Bill had to come to a decision where he realized that he can’t pastor a person unless he pastors their wallets. This is because asking for money was a huge mindset he struggled with at first. He can talk about all the things - but money is hard for pastors. The spiritual use of money is just as important to talk about as the others aspects of life. He came as a professor to TEACH - just like in other types of schools. He could not teach the way he does without the recurring revenue - the money makes the mission possible!

Another issue he struggled with was wondering if there was a need for his knowledge in the marketplace. YES! Do your research. All you need is a small percentage of people in the entire world to join your membership!


People who pay, pay attention. (23:00)

When people vote with their wallets it makes them pay attention better and faster than if they didn’t! We’ve seen it first-hand many times.

If you do not invest your treasure - your heart is not in it!


Going one to masses. (27:00)

 When you start going one to masses and create a movement you have to:

  • Stop being outcome focused.
  • Start being opportunity focused.

If you are so worried about every single person’s outcome, you’re going to hit a cap of the people you can influence. All you can do is invest, all people to invest in themselves, and connect people that can help them grow!

Your job is faith, God’s job is outcomes!


How to build your team! (30:00)

 To grow your team we always recommend:

  • The Book, “WHO,” by Geoff Smart.
  • Focus on your monthly membership growth.
  • Be as people-focused as possible!
  • Think of what you need to accomplish - not what you want to get rid of!
  • Know what your roles are first.


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