Author Dan Miller Explains Why A Membership Is The Perfect Compliment To Your Books!


My guest today is the author of 48 Days To The Work You Love, Dan Miller! I feel so fortunate to be able to connect with Dan today on the show.

 Dan’s book was a key influence early on in my online journey. Dan has touched the lives of thousands upon thousands of people all over the world.

 On today’s Membership Masters Podcast Dan and I have a conversation about his inspiring membership community, 48 Days Eagles. In this episode you will learn why a membership community is the perfect compliment for an author to combine with their books. How Dan leads and mentors the hundreds of members inside his community. And, how going through the pain of switching your membership platform could be the best thing for your community in the long term!



What You'll Learn:

  • The natural evolution into membership. (18:00)

  • How do you create community between live events? (26:00)

  • Dan tell us about his new book! (40:00)


Show Notes

The natural evolution into membership.

Dan is an author and s an author after people red his book they wanted more resources. So he created a seminar, workshops, and other books to go along with his first. What he found was that those things are a one-time interaction and transaction. His audience needed access to him and others in the same position. It was the perfect recipe for a membership!


How do you create community between live events?

Dan is in Mighty Networks. Initially, Dan had a Facebook group but he didn’t like the lack of real estate under his control.

We have a forum in the Flip Your Life Community. When we started back in 2014 there were no Might Networks or anything like that. As you well know we just switched to Kajabi. It’s hard to switch platforms for your community - just like Dan said! But, you get more retention on the back end!

Let's talk about Dan’s new book!

My favorite sentence in this book is when Dan said, “it’s not just what you do in your job or your business that will identify you as a success or a failure.”  He believe like we do that having work and a life you love are equally important!



You can connect with Dan Miller:

  • On his website at:  - there you can get a free chapter of Dan’s new book + a quiz on how close you are to the life you love!


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