Creating Multiple Streams of Income with Christian Recording Artist Manafest (Chris Greenwood)!


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Today’s show is going to be a great one! I’ve got one of my best friends in the entire world on the program today. He’s an incredible entrepreneur and a certified rock-star - Chris Greenwood a.k.a award-winning recording artist Manafest!

On today’s show you’re going to learn:

  • How Chris achieved his dream of becoming a successful recording artist.
  • How online business, entrepreneurship, and memberships gave Chris true time freedom and control over his life.
  • How Chris got out of mountains of debt by making two simple changes in his budget!

Plus - Chris is going to detail he got 7, (yes, 7) passive income streams that give his family the freedom to pursue their dreams today!


 What You'll Learn:

  • How the membership model gives you freedom. (20:00)

  • Conquering your fears + reaching your dreams. (32:00)

  • Overcoming debt - earning liberty. (35:00)


 Show Notes 

The membership model gives you freedom.

Chris and I have a lot in common. One of the biggest? The reason we went into the membership model of business is because we didn’t want to waste precious time not being there for our families.

The recurring revenue we have makes it all possible!


Conquering your fears + reaching your dreams.

Chris’ book from 2012 “Fighter: Five Keys to Conquering Your Fear and Reaching Your Dreams” is all about conquering your fears and becoming better because of that.

Chris was terrified when I told him to do his first membership - but he did it!

You have to get over fears to be an entrepreneur and tp get over anything - don’t let security and stability hold you back!


Overcoming debt - earning liberty.

Debt is one of the biggest issues that we see holding people back as entrepreneurs.

Chris’ newest book, “From Red to Black: A Short Journey From Debt To Liberty,” is centered on:

  1. Having a budget.
  2. Increasing your income.
  3. Creating passive income assets to give you time freedom!


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