How Natalie Gingrich of The Ops Authority Builds + Operates Her Team!


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Today’s show is going to be a great one - my guest today is Natalie Gingrich!

Natalie Gingrich is a specialist in online business operations and team building. Natalie is not only a personal friend, she is but we actually worked together for years building up the business now known as Flipped Lifestyle.

On today’s podcast Natalie is going to teach you everything that she knows about operations and team building. 

We are going to talk about those money mindset issues that are holding you back from going to the next level. 

Natalie is going to teach you 7 areas if your business and team that you must understand, focus in, and strategize, if you’re going to take your membership to the next level.

We’re going to talk about the one thing that every business owner must give to their team if they want to be successful.



 What You'll Learn:

  • All of your skills will lead add up! (12:00)

  • Vision, Delivery… Operations? (21:00)

  • The 7 “Mini-CEOs” You Need On Your Team! (28:30)

  • Hiring Intrepreneurs. (34:00)


Show Notes

All of your skills will lead add up!

Just like Natalie, all of your life skills and experiences will stack and lead you to the next level - you just have to let it!

Most people have the desire to go to the next level it is the confidence to buckle down and do it that holds them back. You’re not going to do it right at first - just go do it!


Vision, Delivery… Operations?

Entrepreneurs are typically great at the vision and delivery of their business, but what about operations? Typically, this where we see online business owners struggle!!

Thankfully, Natalie is great at helping people (those God-given talents and experiences) came into play and lead her to get into operations!


The 7 “Mini-CEOs” You Need On Your Team!

From Natalie’s experience in the corporate world, she has realized there are 7 major areas of corporations to emulate in your small business!

  1. Financial Stability
  2. Visibility
  3. Product Creation/Innovation
  4. Team Growth
  5. Operations
  6. Customer-Client Experience
  7. Personal + Professional Growth


Hiring "Intrepreneurs."

By allowing people the people on your team time and space to become experts in their area of your business, they become just as invested in the business as you are! Their focus becomes on you and helping your business thrive in that area they are expert in!


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