How Nick Loper of Side Hustle Nation Masters His Funnels!


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Today me and my friend Nick Loper of Side Hustle Nation are going to be talking about a lot! Nick is an expert at the top of your funnel - getting leads, getting people into your Facebook Groups, getting people into your email system, and getting people onto your website!

Getting more leads = more members. More members = more money every single month!



 Show Notes

You Should Be Firing Bullets Before You Fire Canons!

Nick’s early days in the online game was with direct link, pay-per-click affiliate marketing in around 2004-2005!

His experience through an internship with an online shoe retailer gave him his first glance at SEO, testing out budgets for ads, marketing, e-commerce, all the things he would later live by!


DANGER: Using One Source of Traffic!

You have to diversify your traffic. You never know when algorithms change, companies change policies, anything can happen to make you lose all your traffic when you don’t diversify!

Don’t think another Google slap won’t happen or that they won’t happen to you!!


Self-Publishing 101

Not only can writing a book get you book royalties and profit. Writing a book can help you get discovered - it’s kind of an SEO strategy on Amazon.

(Yes, it’s okay to repurpose your content you’ve already created)!


Why focus on your Facebook Group?

Facebook allows Nick to have less friction. And, get people together without being the center and not needing to respond to every question - the community does that!

Nick uses Facebook to have new people find him, that hasn’t discovered his website first (genius)!


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