How Trey Stinnett of TheFlow.Coach Uses Wealth Dynamics To Get Your Team In Flow!

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I am so excited for today’s guest - Trey Stinnett (! I met Trey a couple months at a workshop in Colorado and he taught a concept called Wealth Dynamics that blew my mind and within weeks changed everything that we are doing in our online business!

The Wealth Dynamics system is designed to get you in flow - that timeless state where you sit down to do work that you love and you look up to realize hours have went by.

This system that Trey teaches allows you to identify who you are and what you should be doing in your business. But, it goes a step farther! It helps you identify all the people you need on your team! And get them in flow too!

If you’ve ever taken a personality test: Myers-Briggs or the Enneagram - you know that they’re great, but they don’t have any practical, tactical advice.

In today’s episode Trey takes you through the 8 profiles of Wealth Dynamics that will tell you exactly who you are, who your team is, and exactly what decisions you should make in your business!



Show Notes

Your unique path to wealth! (6:00)

Before discovering Wealth Dynamics, Trey was in a “dream job,” but for him it was a grind. He was out of flow, even though he was making hundreds of thousands of dollars a year!

Trey says we all have a unique path to wealth. You don’t want a business to own you instead of owning the system. We all have things that create flow for us - instead of the grind and being difficult. Don’t go against the flow of your natural genius.

We have to identify those strengths and weaknesses in ourselves so we can find someone that fills those places we lack!


Wealth Dynamics (The Basics)! (12:00)

To start to understand Wealth Dynamics you have to understand some background info first! Wealth Dynamics is based off of I Ching - an ancient Chinese system about changes. It talks about what makes things different, what makes the seasons different, the order of operations of the world.

If we look at our business or industry they always follow the same order: Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. 

  • Spring is starting something new. Coming up with a new idea. Growth.
  • Summer is bring the product to market, marketing, team management, those things.
  • Fall is about delivery, fulfillment, showing up in the here and now.
  • Winter is about looking at your profit, optimizing, improving.

Those four seasons also layover to the four different types of people and their energies! We also have your action dynamic which is the degree to what end of the spectrum you are in terms of your thinking. The difference in Summer and Winter is not the way that they think, it’s the way that they act!

  • Spring is about creating something new. This is a highly intuitive person. Spring is a (dynamo) wood element.
  • Summer is outgoing, extroverted. It is a (blaze) fire element. They connect with people.
  • Fall is about being in the here and now. They are your rhythm, your (tempo) element.
  • Winter is about specific, articulate, looking at the detail. They are a metal (steel) element.


The 8 Wealth Dynamics Profiles! (27:00)

  1. The Creator: They are a Dynamo. Their thinking dynamic is mostly intuitive. They are great with ideas, great with coming up with new concepts, and good at design and copywriting!

They are in-between introverted and extroverted. They can use both the ability to connect with people. Or, they can figure out how to do something by using that introverted side.

They start movements if they are extroverted. If they are more introverted they will work extensively well for someone else’s brand.

The super-power is getting something started but the cryptonite is finishing them!


  1. The Star: Their pathway to wealth is through shining. They like to highlight things - think Oprah Winfrey. Oprah Winfrey is so successful at what she does because she takes the spotlight and shines it on other people!

Low-level stars or child stars often just want to be the center of attention. Often times you can spot true stars as children! They are an infrared star - trying to get attention.

Stars make money the fastest and biggest - but because they do, they often spend it the fastest! Think Hollywood movie stars (this is why they need managers).


  1. The Supporter: You create relationships and connections. You can see the possibility in others or in situations and help bring them to life!

They are usually the #2 and are supporting the CEO or the founder of the company. It is more about connecting people to the idea of your products.

They are geniuses in meeting people - but they don’t have a system or all the details.


  1. The Deal-Maker: They are about getting things done, making it happen, understanding people. They are one-to-one. They are grounded. 

Your path to success is to own your relationships and bringing it to a deal in real-time. They leverage that relationship. They might do one deal a year and make one massive sale a year. It’s okay to slow down.

The downside to a deal-maker is they can burn a bridge to build another. Systems can be a bit of a drain.


  1. The Trader: This person trades other peoples’ assets. They are still good with people.

They are good with timing. They know when to buy and when to trade.

They do not create. They are not usually an entrepreneur. That doesn’t mean you can’t be the owner though!


  1. The Accumulator: They love systems and timing! These are the Warren Buffett’s. They buy but they don’t trade or sell.

They can look at details and numbers. They are looking at timing. They are looking at here and now. They are good ambassadors and agents!

The accumulator’s problem is charisma. They don’t like a blank page, writing a book, or speaking on stage. They are not the most outgoing.


  1. Lord: They are introverted. They are steel energy. They love safety, certainty, and data!

They oversee the data and information. The masters of management. They get the details taken care of. They see the opportunities for saving. They maximize their path to wealth by owning access to cash flow.

These people do not like spontaneity! They need predictability.


  1. The Mechanic They are the great tinkerer, they love systems! Think Amazon - they just make things better.

They can see what something could be if it were better. They fix things.

They do not commit to things unless they know they can finish it. They are most in flow when they are optimizing things. They are bringing things and systems together to make everything better!



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