John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneurs On Fire Shows Us The Path To Uncommon Success!


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Shane Sams is excited to welcome back our first repeat guest on the Membership Masters Podcast: John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneurs On Fire! Now, John has written an amazing book called The Common Path To Uncommon Success. And Shane was lucky enough to get an advanced copy before it was released and was so pumped up about it we had to have him on the podcast today!


In today’s podcast Shane and John talk about:

  • What Uncommon Success looks like for you.
  • How you can achieve the exact dream you want to go after.
  • How you can find amazing mentors to shorten that runway to success and avoid pitfalls along the way.
  • The importance of masterminds and how you can find the people for your mastermind group.
  • The content strategy John Lee Dumas used to create his multi-million dollar empire.



Show Notes

On March 23rd John Lee Dumas’ new book, The Common Path To Uncommon Success, will be available! Don’t wait until the 23rd to get your copy, though, because he has 5 INSANE bonuses if you head over to right now so you can get those bonuses when you preorder!


The Common Path To Uncommon Success (8:00)

John says the name of his book came from all the fantastic entrepreneurs on fire he has come across from all over the world. There are also “so-called experts” out there that say, “the path to uncommon success isn’t common but complicated. It’s hidden, its secret. But for $1,937.97 I can give you the key to reveal all.” If you ask John, those are the people that don’t want you to know there are 17 foundational core principles that all successful entrepreneurs followed!

John’s Common Path To Uncommon Success book serves as a revolutionary roadmap to financial freedom and fulfillment! 


It’s Time To Choose Your Hard. (12:00)

John, at one point in his life, was broke. Was it hard work to build his dream business? Yes! You know what else is hard? Living paycheck to paycheck and being broke!

In 2012, John chose his hard - either path he chose would have been a hard path but he chose the hard path of building his dream business and creating financial freedom and fulfillment. Now, he has the life he wants, his version of uncommon success. It’s time to choose your hard!


The Mindset of Abundance v. The Mindset of Scarcity (15:00)

John says there is so much scarcity out there in this world and it will always exist. You can easily get caught up thinking there are only so many pieces of the pie.

Or, you can live like the entrepreneurs on fire in John’s world - you can have the mindset and life of abundance! You provide amazing value in this world when you decide that you are going to be the best solution to a real problem. When you have this mindset you will win! Everybody wins!


What Is Your Version Of Uncommon Success? (18:00)

What is your version of uncommon success? John says the problem is very few people have sat down and thought about what their version of uncommon success looks like.

You have to ask yourself:

  1. What is it that you really want in this world?
  2. What is really being uncommonly successful - what does that mean to you?
  3. What is enough?

John says to know these answers you want to be able to to identify when you wake up in the morning:

  1. What do you want to do?
  2. Where do you want to do it?
  3. With whom do you want to do it with?


Why Are Your Mentors So Significant? (23:00)

Success leaves clues. When you see successful people in your niche they are clearly doing something right. Don’t question the roadmap.

Your mentor is somebody who is currently where you want to be. John says if you remember that - you will find the right mentor. Your mentors are your game-changers!


Accountability Is Everything! (27:00)

John says he has seen so many entrepreneurs that have tried to get into this world alone. They go into a corner of fear and doubt - all because nobody is holding them accountable.

Get people you know, like, trust, respect to keep your feet to the fire. This changes everything you do. Being a part of mastermind (the correct way that John lays out in his book) is a fantastic way to get yourself accountable and put yourself in the hot seat!


Why Is Content So Important To Your Business? (35:00)

Content is the kingdom. The most prolific chapter in John’s book? He says Chapter 7: Designing your content production plan!

When John wrote that step he knew his content production plan was the reason he and his business has been so successful. John says when he started out his content production plan was terrible but after a decade of intentional work on his content that catapulted his business into what it is today!


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