Scott Voelker of Brand Creators On Membership Branding Future-Proofing Your Online Business!


On this week’s episode of the Membership Masters Podcast I welcome Scott Voelker of the Rock Your Brand Podcast. Scott has been in the membership game for almost 12 years and has built multiple 7-figure brands!

Today Scott shares a ton of wisdom on branding and subscription memberships with you. Everything from Costco-style membership sites to selling physical products on Amazon. And, all the information about his new membership site over at  

In today’s episode you’re going to learn: 1. How to diversify your traffic strategies to grow your audience and your email list. 2. Why building congruency in your membership is key to long-term retention. And, 3. How you can future-proof your business by focusing on the skills you build along the way!



What You'll Learn:

  • How to brand your membership! (39:45)

  • The importance of diversifying your traffic. (45:00)

  • Why close down a massive Facebook Group? (50:00)

  • How to brand your business. (1:05:00)

  • Are physical products a good brand enhancer? (1:45:00)

Show Notes

Scott actually started in the membership model by figuring out how to sell digital products. Digital templates that he began selling on eBay for $20 evolved into training and marketing for those products - which led to Scott creating his first course!

Little did he know a grocery store that proved monthly memberships would be just the model he needed to scale his business into the massive success he has today!


Branding for a membership.

Future-proofing your brand is extremely valuable! Your first goal in creating your online business is to replace your income, the second is to make sure you don’t have to go back to that 9 to 5 life! Scott says it’s all about future-proofing yourself.


How import is diversifying your traffic?

Scott doesn’t look at his podcast as somewhere someone is going to search for a topic other than binging. He looks at podcasting as relationships not “how-to,” blog content, or SEO.

You have different people everywhere - you have to diversify your traffic to come to your audience and allow them the opportunity to find you.


Why would Scott close down a massive Facebook Group?

As Scott began to change his topics his social media began to change. People were finding his group not because of Scott but because of related groups - which created a ton of spam.

As the culture began to change in his group he had to do something to get everything back on track! You have to be able to say ‘no’ and pivot fast as soon as you realize something isn’t right.


Branding your business.

Scott looks at branding as less branding your product as much as it is looking at what your brand your product represents in the marketplace.

When people find your website you want to give the impression that this is the best resource on this product!

To create congruency in your products look at your:

  1. Content.
  2. Email list.
  3. Offers.


Are physical products a good brand enhancer?

Scott’s short answer? Yes! If you have a successful business and have a physical product you can add to fill in the blanks for your audience it’s great for you business. Not only is it good for the added cash influx but for the retention it gives!


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