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Today’s guest is my good friend Azul Terronez! He is one of my greatest friends in the online world and the best "whisperer to the stars!"

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • The process of getting your book out faster.
  • Why your book doesn’t need to be as long as you think it does.
  • Why you should write books, how to launch, and how to get them written fast.
  • How to get people from the book to your memberships and courses online.



Show Notes

 Azul Terronez specializes in helping authors create their books and get them out to market! Azul knows how to how create books and get them into the marketplace so they can help you grow your business! He has coached some of the biggest entrepreneurs and turned them into online marketing machines!


Has 2020 impacted the book industry? (9:00)

 Azul says he believes people are looking for stories now more than ever. More agents are reaching out to him - wondering if he knows anyone they can talk to.

 Companies used to make a lot of connections by being in-person. Internet marketing is new for most of those people in the industry! The world is shifting because everyone is adjusting to relying on Zoom, internet marketing, and shopping online to accomplish everything.

 When we come out of the pandemic, people will be looking for leaders!


How do authors differentiate themselves? (12:00)

 On other mediums or platforms you can grow an audience - but influence and authority is hard to prove on the internet to people who aren’t aware of you or know who you are.

 Whereas, being an author has been around for thousands of years. People know what being an author is and are still in awe of authors putting a book into the world. A book also holds you to writing something about who you are and what you believe. Instead of simply putting out more content you are giving perspective on that content.


What if I want to clarify my story? (20:00)

 Azul blew my mind when he pointed out that a lot of us actually have this fear of maybe not telling our story exactly how we want and creating a need or want to clarify later. Azul tells these people that we are all changing every day - he is SO right! He says it’s okay if the story gets clarified later on.

 You don’t focus on the words. You focus on the deeper story at hand.

 Stuff is transactional. But books that change people’s lives are often the small little things that impact people.


Transactional v. Transformational books. (25:00)

 Azul says there is a little bit of a difference between transactional books and transformational books. Whether or not the book is effective is dependent upon what the consumer needs.

 Do they need a transformation to do the thing that you’re asking them to do? Do they need a shift in mindset to do the how-to?


How long should your books be? (30:00)

 Should you stay within certain parameters?

 Azul says #1, books don’t need to be as long as you think. It only needs to be as long as it takes to get your message across to help them take action.

 What is the core message that you have for your readers? What is the outcome that reader gets? Where are they starting their story?

Azul says you simply:

  1. Tell them why you’re their guide.
  2. What are you teaching them?
  3. Why does it matter?

 People need more what and why than how! 


How do you move people from a book into your program? (43:00)

 Azul says the best way to get people into your program after reading your book is to train them to do so throughout the book. Tell them that this is what you teach in your membership, course, or whatever it is that you offer. This will get them onto your list as quickly as you can!

 Azul says to do what you can to get them onto your email list fast also. If you have something supplemental - offer it in the very beginning. Make the consumer give you their name and email for free audiobooks or downloadable PDFs if you have them!

 What is the best way to them out of your book? Be strategic!


Is there a certain time someone should publish a book? (45:00)

 Azul says when you should write a book is based on the purpose of the book.

 Azul wrote his first book in order to find business mentors. He went from no business, no audience, no connections - he used his book as leverage to create the life he wanted!

 Books are long-living. The are credibility. They give instant credibility. Can your book strategically give you something that you don’t currently have or eliminate something you are already doing?


Should you self-publish or get a publisher? (53:00)

 One thing that holds people back is not being able to choose between self-publishing or getting a publisher.

 Azul finds there are pros and cons to self-publishing. When you sign a big deal you have to be cautious of what you’re giving up.

 As entrepreneurs we often want something faster and we like to have intellectual property rights. With self-publishing, you don’t have to worry about giving those things up!

 You could always hire a "middle man" that acts as a publisher - it could have the benefits of professional editing, while still keeping your intellectual property rights (or at least keep much more of it)!


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