Azul Terronez of Authors Who Lead On How To Turn Your Books Into Marketing Machines!


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Today’s guest is my good friend Azul Terronez! He is one of my greatest friends in the online world and the best "whisperer to the stars!"

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • The process of getting your book out faster.
  • Why your book doesn’t need to be as long as you think it does.
  • Why you should write books, how to launch, and how to get them written fast.
  • How to get people from the book to your memberships and courses online.



Show Notes

 Azul Terronez specializes in helping authors create their books and get them out to market! Azul knows how to how create books and get them into the marketplace so they can help you grow your business! He has coached some of the biggest entrepreneurs and turned them into online marketing machines!


Has 2020 impacted the book industry? (9:00)

 Azul says he believes people are looking for stories now more than ever. More agents are reaching out to him -...

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