Seth Buechley On How To Have Ambition + Gratitude!


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Today’s guest is Seth Buechley, author of Ambition: Leading With Gratitude and he drops some amazing value in this interview!

In my conversation with Seth Buechley today we covered a wide range of topics! On today’s podcast you’re going to learn:

  • All of the lessons Seth Buechley figured out while building a $60M company
  • Seth Beuchley’s framework for establishing and setting core values in your company that can be the guiding principles you need to take it to the next level and break through plateaus
  • Seth Buechley’s 4-point framework for finding and becoming a great mentor
  • How to reach your potential, impact the world around you, and leave a legacy for your family



Show Notes

 Satisfaction doesn’t live on the other side of achievement. (12:00)

 Seth has a great quote on his website that says, “satisfaction doesn’t live on the other side of achievement - it lives on the other side of gratitude.”

 When Seth says satisfaction, he does not mean pumping the brakes and coasting. He says people who do not get a grip on what they’re really chasing burn out and the ripple effect destroys themselves and everyone around them. Success reveals the structural flaws you haven’t dealt with yet. 

 Stop and take inventory of all you’ve been given and how far you’ve come. You have to be grateful at all times!


Destined to learn through consequences? (18:00)

 Seth says those who do not learn by other people are destined to learn through consequences. Seth has had both successes and failures - it is the failure that made him ready to answer, “what’s wrong with me?”

 Seth’s consequences? He needed to be more grateful. That revelation reframed the way he works and how he approaches opportunities or challenges.


How to be a leader of leaders. (22:00)

 Seth says at some point you have to realize that you decide you want to lead In such a way that people know you are focused on the right things. Show up, lead, be values-driven, and by doing so you become a leader of leaders - something Seth says makes all the difference!

 When you start to scale a business you have to look at how your values impact the lives of the people around you!


Framework Fatigue. (25:00)

 Seth has a theory that every entrepreneur faces framework fatigue. Your framework is NOT the only one that leads to success. In Seth’s words, your lawnmower is not the only one that cuts grass!

 Seth’s framework looks like this:

  1. Reach for your potential.
  2. Impact your world.
  3. Leave a legacy.


AMBITION: Leading With Gratitude. (35:00)

 Entrepreneurs are hard-wired, Seth says, for achievement, making a difference, for possibilities. Seth believes there are two buckets you can put people into: 1) people that want to stay out of trouble and 2) people that want to get things done.

 Ambition is like a fire - it can be the resource that warms a family or burns your house to the ground. It’s not bad because nothing gets done without ambition but it can be very dangerous! Are you driving the bus or giving the ambition complete reign?


How do you become a mentor? (40:00)

 What is a mentor? Are you being that mentor? Who in your life is a mentor? 

 Seth’s 4 marks of a mentor looks like this:

  1. Have wisdom they are willing to share.
  2. Take the time to get to know you.
  3. They need to love you.
  4. They share your world view.

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