The BEST Facebook Ads Podcast Episode Ever w/ Monica Louie!


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Monica Louie is an amazing entrepreneur that helps 6, 7, and 8-figure business run Facebook ads through her agency. She also teaches people how to set up their own Facebook ads through her Facebook programs.

 She has an amazing Facebook agency that we have used ourselves to run our Facebook ads for us. Her membership and course communities are awesome!

 Stay tuned and listen very closely to today’s podcast because this is the BEST Facebook ads podcast you will ever hear!

 We talk about:

    • Building audiences!
    • Setting ad budgets!
    • How to get the best ROI on your Facebook ads!

What You'll Learn:

1. How to focus ad campaigns to get leads! (13:30) 

2. The importance of brand awareness! (16:30)

3. How to drive traffic from other people! (19:00)

4. Why you should give your Facebook ads time! (27:00)

5. How to build an audience using Facebook ads! (37:00)

6. Why you should test different types of audiences! (49:00)

7. There are always things you can tweak and test! (1:07:00)


Show Notes 

How do you focus ad campaigns to get leads?

Monica’s team does a great job at teaching branding, to help get leads and ultimately get more members in memberships.

Her team simply asks, “what is the goal?” Is it getting people in the people, on the email list - and how does the Facebook ad help achieve that goal?

Start with a lead magnet. Position the offer to the right people.


How important is brand awareness?

 Is it just as important for people to you know as your ROI? If you as Monica, the answer is yes!

 Monica says running Facebook ads can be stressful to get the ROI with a first month or campaign. She says to approach it with the big picture vision. Is it great to have people purchase through the funnel? Yes! But if they don’t, she says it’s just as important to open people up to your world!


How do I drive traffic from other people?

One way that we really grew in the beginning of our business was targeting people’s audiences on our Facebook ads! It wasn’t throwing money at other people’s website, I was throwing money at my own story with that person!

Monica did this too! She would drive traffic to the show notes where her episode was featured. Monica likes using PixelMe. PixelMe gave her a URL that pixels that person whose show she was on - which creates an audience of those people that were on the third-party website!


Give your Facebook ads time!

Facebook ads take a while - give them time + experiment! You can’t try Facebook ads, you have to do Facebook ads.

 Over time your costs will start to decrease as you get more clicks, for less money. It may not be perfect, but it will trend lower! The Facebook algorithm takes time to learn and catch up.


How do I build an audience with Facebook ads?

 If you starting from scratch Monica says to:

      • Used the ‘Saved Audience’ option in the audience creator screen.
      • Use the detailed targeting field (this is where targeting other brands or people may pop up).
      • Enter your keywords of your avatar. Ex. 
      • personal finance to target other pages or brands that already your audience. Click the suggestions that Facebook gives.


Why should you test different types of audiences?

 There are TONS of different types of audiences - Monica says if you already have some traffic and have an email list, look-alike audiences work really well!

 You put the work into Facebook to reach those people that are your warm audience!

 Don’t dump all the people that know about you into the same ads!


There are always things you can tweak and test!

 The most successful people decide they are committing to something and will make it work. Continue to sharpen your saw. Try new things.

 When you look at success companies you have to have a level of drive and desire to see this (podcasting, Facebook ads, marketing, whatever) through! Any kind of marketing is learned over time.


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