Joe Nicoletti From Learn Scrivener Fast On Moving From Course Sales To Membership Sites


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Joe Nicoletti has had his course affiliate marketing business, Learn Scrivener Fast, for a long time. We sat down at a coffee shop one day, to figure our how to add a recurring revenue to his website. It was funny because we weren’t planning on it, we were just hanging out on a whim! Most people pay us to take to them about memberships and we have a plan.

Part of me was thinking, “I wonder what would happen if a guy who has course sales would open a membership.” Because, most people we see start from nothing, Joe was different because he already had an existing loyal audience.

Joe says what went so well for him was that he was very specific on his course topics from the get-go. His specificity brought in a core group of laser-focused people. The only time he struggled was when he was chasing other things, focusing on how to get more money into the business, which took away from his focus on the courses.

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