Tommy Breedlove Tells Us How To Live A Legendary Life!


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Today’s guest on the Shane Sams Show is Tommy Breedlove, author of the book, Legendary! Tommy grew up on the south side of Atlanta, where he had a rough upbringing, but he turned his life around, got into UGA, and into a financial consulting firm.

After many years of not being fulfilled internally, Tommy knew he needed to change his mentality. His network took notice of the change and asked him what caused it, and Tommy then decided to resign from the board and chase his dream of writing books and speaking.

On this podcast episode, Tommy Breedlove and Shane Sams talk about Tommy’s journey, his struggles, and how he overcame those struggles to get to where he is today!

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In today’s episode you’ll learn about:

  • Tommy Breedlove’s journey of personal development
  • How we all have fears and insecurities that we can learn from
  • How Tommy helps people find courage,...
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