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I am pumped today we have an amazing guest on the show - Amy Porterfield! Amy Porterfield is one of the best podcasters and entrepreneurs anywhere online. She has built an incredible business that generates millions of dollars every single year! Part of her strategy? The membership model in her Momentum Membership!

We cover a lot of ground in today’s podcast:

    • Her new podcast, The Talking Body Podcast!
    • Amy’s strategy in the Momentum Membership.
    • How she grew her membership community into a million dollar membership (during a pandemic)!
    • The importance of list-building!
    • How you can use webinars to grow a membership site of your own.
    • How to use Facebook to grow your business!
    • What Amy does to stop self-doubt!



Show Notes

Momentum Membership in the Amy Empire (23:00)

 Amy says she has a customer journey product line inside her business with 3 products:

  1. How to get started with list building, starting from scratch. Amy says this is the best way to get into online business because you first need an audience and an email list!
  2. Digital Course Academy. People usually go through the funnel from Amy’s podcast, “Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield.” People then wind up on List Builder’s Society. Once they start growing their email list they are interested in creating a digital course.
  3. Momentum Membership. Through the digital course academy, Amy gives an exclusive offer to Momentum Membership for $97/month and you can only get into it if you have already gone through Digital Course Academy!

Momentum Membership is Amy’s back-end membership. She created it because she felt 12 weeks wasn’t enough in order to create your course and launch it again! She ultimately wanted to “stay in the trenches” to continue to train and troubleshoot with her members!


Community, Accountability, and Training! (25:00)

 Amy’s membership is based on 3 things: community, accountability, and training!

 You get 4 weeks that Amy gives something inside of Momentum.

  • The first week is a LIVE training from Amy with a Q+A on the back-end.
  • A behind the scenes video from Amy or her team about how they do business.
  • A plug-and-play template that Amy uses.
  • Another LIVE Q+A from Amy.


Amy’s Membership Community. (31:00)

 Amy’s membership community is all on Facebook. Here’s why: she has done tons of research and has noticed that people are still on Facebook on a regular basis.

 She wants to grab people while they are checking or scrolling thorough their feeds. Because, if they had to log into their community somewhere else people wouldn’t log in and they weren’t forming that communication needed for a successful community.


How Does Amy Start Her Funnels? (35:00)

 Amy says she relies heavily on organic traffic, her email list, and paid Facebook/Instagram ads! Here’s what her funnels look like:

  • List Builder Society is her evergreen top of the funnel course - she uses Facebook ads every single day to generate revenue with that course.
  • She launches Digital Course Academy once or twice a year.
  • She uses her Facebook ads to get them into webinar and says this is the best way she has found to get someone into online digital courses!
  • At the end of the Digital Course Academy graduation she does a LIVE summit and sells Momentum Membership with an email marketing campaign afterwards.


Why Did Amy Leave Affiliate Marketing Behind? (43:00)

 Amy has done affiliate marketing since the first day she started her business 11 years ago. In that time - she was one of the top affiliates for Marie Forleo for over 10 years!

 Affiliate marketing has brought in millions and millions of dollars for Amy! So, when she launched Digital Course Academy she used affiliates (with hundreds of affiliates)!

 She found that affiliates take a lot of energy, time, and focus. It was simply taking too much of her focus off her launches.


How Does Amy Get Past Self-Doubt? (48:00)

 Coming out from behind the stage (after working for Tony Robbins), putting herself out there was terrifying. She often thought, “who am I to be doing this?”

 The fear she had and the imposter syndrome was all in her head - Amy keeps her mindset in check every single week!


What Does Amy Say You Should Do From Day One? (54:00)

Amy says if she could go back in time and tell herself and some things she should do it would be:

  1. Start creating content on a consistent basis!
  2. List build!


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