Dream 100 Guru Dana Derricks On The Power of “Snail Mail!”

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My guest today is Dana Derricks - Dana Derricks is the guru of gurus when it comes to Dream 100 marketing! My company is using Dream 100 right now and it has changed the game in our podcast, emails, sales, everything that we’ve done and it’s going to have great results for us in the future.

We are big believers in Dream 100 and nobody on the planet teaches the Dream 100 strategy better than Dana Derricks. Dana Derricks is Russell Brunson’s go-to copywriter!

Today we’re going to talk about:

  • Dream 100
  • Copywriting
  • The power of “snail mail”
  • Dana’s new book, “One Week Author”



 What You'll Learn:

  • Traffic is the ultimate thing that every business needs long-term! (5:00)

  • You've got to look at the bigger picture. (14:00)

  • Your action is rewarded! (20:00)

  • Why is snail mail so effective?! (22:30)

  • How to be a One Week Author! (40:00)


Show Notes

Traffic is the ultimate thing that every business needs long-term!

Dana says the ultimate thing that every business needs long-term is traffic! He says he’s not very good at traffic through ads or agencies. He came to realize he was good at relationships!

This is where he discovered Dream 100 - what would change his business forever!

The magic happens when you get on the radar of the people that can help you. It won’t be every single person that responds, but those few that do will help build the foundation for your entire business (just like Dana)!


Look at the bigger picture.

Dana says you have to look at the bigger picture of your business. Most business start out strong and then slowly fade away. 

Develop and create your business to where your Dream 100 is buying from you and merging with you!


Action is rewarded!

If you want to start getting somewhere with your Dream 100 strategy, you have to take action. Like Dana said, action is rewarded!

There are opportunities that will be a waste of time. Have limited expectations - but you truly never know which opportunities are going to be amazing for you!


Why is snail mail so effective?!

Dana says it like this: If you were to get a package in the mail addressed to you, would you want someone else to open it? Of course you don’t!

Russell Brunson even opens his own boxes! High-level CEOs are opening their own mail! It is the most effective way to make sure it gets into your Dream 100’s hands! Even if it doesn’t work, you are planting a seed! 

Have fun with your mail too - I LOVE the way Dana does this!! This is why he is the BEST copywriter and Dream 100’er!


One Week Author!

Dana Derricks has written a ton of books (14 to be exact)! Now, he is teaching you how to skip the headache of a publishing company and write it yourself!

Having books in your business changes it! Becoming an author is a sales tool that scales, gives value, and has people enter your world!

Get it out there quickly - we do this with social media, our podcasts, all the things, except for books. WHY?!


Connect with Dana!


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