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Today’s guest on the Shane Sams Show is Eric Nordhoff! Eric is an entrepreneur with a super interesting backstory. He has been involved in the Christian music production industry since the early 2000s, and his wife, Krissy, is a Grammy-nominated, Dove Award-winning songwriter.

Eric first got involved in podcasting in 2012 when he and his friend started The Walker Stalkers --a podcast about the TV Show, The Walking Dead. After years of successfully running that podcast, he started another podcast, Courage Cast, for network marketing.

Now, Eric and his wife are running a business to serve aspiring songwriters at!

In this episode, Shane Sams and Eric Nordhoff discuss what it’s like to run businesses with your partner, and how it’s vital to get out of each other’s way, so that the business can run the way it should.

They discuss membership sites and how to simplify them to serve your members well. People don’t always need more content; sometimes they just need community or masterminds, and your job is to facilitate conversations. They also talk about having a 500 year vision that has generational impact.

You can find out more about Eric at!

In today’s episode you’ll learn:

  • Eric Nordhoff’s story of getting his podcast to #2 on iTunes
  • The keys to running a business with your partner
  • How to simplify a membership site and best serve your members
  • Impact is everything
  • How to create something that will outlast you

If you need help starting, building, and growing an online business, check out all of the support and resources for entrepreneurs at and

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