How Jill + Josh Stanton of Screw The Nine To Five Re-Launched Their Membership After A 2 Year Break!


On this episode of the Membership Masters Podcast I welcome two of my favorite friends onto the show - none other than Jill and Josh Stanton of Many moons ago Jocelyn and I were in a mastermind with Jill and Josh. We talked almost every day as we were building our membership sites. We even combined forces by co-hosting real-life live events together.

I had a blast re-connecting with Jill and Josh on today’s show! We talked about how amazing it was watching them launch an epic membership community that grew into hundreds of members and made hundreds of thousands of dollars each year. But, the crazy things is out of nowhere Jill and Josh abruptly stopped their old membership site - they realized they had mades one huge mistakes when creating their business and it nearly crushed them. After circling back around they are launching their new community and creating the membership that is right for them!

On today’s show we talk about all the lessons Jill and Josh learned from their first membership community, we will get into some amazing discussions about how they are rebuilding their community from scratch.  We talk about how they are using quarterly prices to maximize the lifetime value of their customer. How to create the magic trifecta of creating community, courses, and leadership in your online business. And, tips for removing the stress and anxiety from running a membership site!



What You'll Learn:

  • Launching your membership! (11:00)

  • You have to make sure you can serve your members. (24:00)

  • The downside of getting too many members out of the gate. (29:00)

  • People do not want more content! (40:30)

  • Why you should strive for quarterly members. (43:00)

  • Why come back to the membership model? (1:15:00)

  • You may need to take a step back. (1:25:00)


Show Notes

Launching your membership!

Jill + Josh launched their membership about the same time Jocelyn and I were back in 2015! Looking back now it is shocking to see how well both of our memberships took off when we launched.

Josh + Jill did this this for a while and had a great audience but suddenly - they closed their membership!


You have to make sure you can serve your members.

I agree with what Jill said 100%! Doing your best to get through something means it probably isn’t right. Doing that takes away from being able to serve your members - the most important part of your business.

By stepping away from what didn’t work the first time to figure out what would work for them, their team, and their members they are now more successful than ever!


The downside of getting too many members out of the gate.

Seeing Jill and Josh go through getting too many members too fast was actually a learning curve for me.

This is why we tell people now to beta rounds into their membership!


People do not want more content!

You do not have to put all of your content out there when you start your membership! People do not want more content - they are drowning in it. Do not overwhelm your members!


Why you should strive for quarterly members.

Believe it or not your quarterly members are going to give you the most lifetime value! They pay the most + stay the longest. 

Almost all of our high-ticket sales come from those people. They are committed enough to learning, there is enough room so they don’t feel like they are spending too much up-front!


Why come back to the membership model?

For Jill + Josh coming back to the membership was a part of their mission. Their passion was helping people quit their 9 to 5 jobs to have freedom and become entrepreneurs to make it all happen. 

This time though they came back with a clear vision and better game plan to help members more than ever before.


You may need to take a step back.

The moment our forums took off in the Flip Your Life Community is the moment we decided to take a step back and stop answering ever single question. As soon as I did that it went from 5 posts a day to 100! And, the quality of the answers were 10x better!

This is true for your team too - sometimes letting people take control while you let go of the reigns is best for everyone!


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