How Chris Ducker Of YouPreneur Creates An Ecosystem In His Membership!


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On today’s show my guest is my good friend Chris Ducker of!

Jocelyn and I have known Chris since way back in 2014. And, he was instrumental in growing our online business back in the day!

Today we are going to talk about the YouPrenuer Academy, Chris’ membership site all about building the brand of you - taking your business and turning it into a personal brand!



On Today’s Show You'll Learn:

  • How to grow an audience with great content.

  • How to launch + grow a membership community without a single course inside of it.

  • How to create an ecosystem of products around your core membership community.


Show Notes

Who Is A “YouPreneur?”

Chris says a YouPreneur is somebody who builds a business based on them. Not reliant upon them - but based on their own lives. These people are authors, speakers content creators, anyone that builds their brand around their personal journeys, personalities, expertise, anything that can help the people they want to serve!


Why Go Into Membership?

 Chris already had his content + marketing down through all of his work through speaking, Tropical Think Tank, blogging, podcasting. He had his service part of his business down pat. But, something was missing - an online component!


The “Guide” Mindset v. The “Hero” Mindset.

 What does Stars Wars have to do with online business? 

 You don’t want to be Luke Skywalker. Chris says it may be cool to be Luke - he gets the girls, saves the day, all the fun stuff.

 But, Chris Ducker would rather be Obi-Wan Kenobi. Why? Obi-Wan is the wise old guy that shows Luke the way and guide him the right way.


It’s all about the numbers.

 Just like the advice 17-year-old Chris Ducker heard: It’s all about the numbers - and the numbers never lie.

 Chris knows his data and conversion rates. He knows regular content, weekly emails, Social Media presence consistency all drive his membership.


Having an ecosystem in your business.

I love the way Chris used the word ecosystem to describe his business. Our business is not about having a membership, coaching program, or anything else. It’s about your people moving around your business for all their needs and how you can provide service to them in a variety of ways!


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