Kat Jarman On Customer Service For Memberships!


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Today’s guest is my good friend, Kat Jarman! In this episode we are going to be talking about how to provide top-notch, world class customer service for your members in your membership website!

Kat is an amazing entrepreneur and she is an expert at building customer service teams for membership websites!

Today you’ll learn:

  • How to get amazing systems in place so you can serve your members and keep them paying longer!
  • How to build amazing customer service teams!



Show Notes

 Why is community important? (8:00)

 Kat Jarman has ran an online business management agency for around 3 years. She does high-level operations and has noticed that people with memberships tend to have the best results and biggest transformations.

 Why? If you ask Kat, it all boils down to the community aspect (you don’t get that with other business models)! The goals are typically not on getting Ferrari but being able to quit their jobs and spend time with their families.

 We’ve found that when you get people in the membership mindset you drive in people who want to win, together! Even when people make millions they also keep that serving heart and want to change other peoples’ lives.


Stage 2 of your membership! (12:00)

 Like Kat said, there comes a point that is hard for most people with a membership - the place between Stage 1 (or about get $100K/yr) to becoming a Membership Master.

 You start having these questions come up of whether you can hire help, outsource certain things, what you can and can not afford to do to scale.

 It can overwhelming! This is why Membership Masters will tell you NOT to launch without doing a beta. You do NOT want to be one of those people who quit because everything comes too fast!


Why should I hire help? (23:00)

 If there are any administrative issues it bleeds down to all parts of your business! If you are at capacity yourself with administrative tasks - when it comes to dealing with customer service your lack of attention causes problems with retention.

 Even if you can’t afford to hire a ton of help as you scale, make sure you are hiring enough to retain the floor of your business! Use part of whatever monthly recurring income you get from the membership into your team!


You have to be able to lead! (27:00)

 Even when you hire someone - you have to make sure you are leading them correctly! Kat and I have both leaned that you can hire VAs (which many people do first), but if you can’t delegate correctly you are wasting their time and your own time! Hire people that know what they’re doing.

 You have to have specific tasks, deadlines, and expectations set that align with the goals for your membership!

 Don’t let what you enjoy doing become heavy. Assign someone to tasks that maybe aren’t in your zone of genius - that way you free yourself to support the membership in ways that only you can!


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