How Jason Brown of The Brown Report Uses Join Fees To Drive His Membership Site


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Jason is not only a great friend but he is also the founder of I’ve known Jason for many years and he is an amazing entrepreneur that has truly built an incredible online business. We’re going to talk all about memberships today and how he built his membership community around stock and options trading. We’re going to get into something we’ve never talked about on the Membership Masters Podcast before - having big join fees (up to $1K) to get into membership and high ticket membership prices ($199/month). We’re going to break down Jason’s team so that you can learn how to build a team that can grow your membership site. Jason talks about how you can use the powerful tool of a join fee to not only make more but to actually get more people to join your business. I learned a ton about how to get more members and make more money and I know you will too!


What You'll Learn:

  • Join...

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Robbie Baxter Author of The Membership Economy on Membership Site Pricing and Trials

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Robbie Baxter is the OG evangelist of the membership model. Her book, The Membership Economy, predicted the rise of subscription services like Netflix. And, was literally our membership bible for growing our first membership site into a million dollar membership.

In today’s episode we dive deep into when and where you should use free trials, pricing your membership, and we discuss her new book, The Forever Transaction. We are going to talk about all things memberships with the person who literally wrote the book on the membership model.


What You’ll Learn:

    • What the Membership Economy is all about
    • The difference in headline benefits and engagement benefits
    • “The Acquisition Schute”
    • Why the free trial can help or hurt you
    • Why friction is key to attracting quality members
    • The Forever Transaction
    • How to evolve your offerings
    • The Membership Economy
    • How to engage and retain your members





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