How Erin Chase Runs A Wildly Successful Low-Ticket Membership!


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Today’s guest is an amazing friend of mine and Jocelyn’s - Erin Chase of 5 Dollar Dinners ( Erin has been in the online business world for 12 years (that’s pioneer-level stufff)!

 She has been out their helping families save money on their grocery bill and save time on their dinner plan for a long, long time and she is here today to tell us about her membership site! Erin is a true master of the low-price membership offer!

Today we are going talk about:

  • How Erin built her amazing audience
  • How she started getting traffic to her site
  • Erin’s prolific content strategy!
  • How to price your membership
  • Creating multiple streams of income through multiple memberships
  • Start, build, and grow a membership while raising your family!



Show Notes

Massive success takes time! (7:00)

Erin’s success was slow growing - it certainly didn’t happen overnight. Just like she said, you have to do a beta group, you have to take your time, don’t try to be a content machine out of the gate!

It’s all about the timing, the person, and the product. You can’t do this well if you don’t start with a small group first.

Worry about massive expansion later! You’ve got to get the foundation down first.


Why go lower-ticket? (13:00)

 Erin’s membership is $5/month - making it an insanely impressive lower-ticket offer! Choosing to go low-ticket and wide is a decision based on:

  • Erin’s audience and what they can afford.
  • Market comparisons.
  • Being consumer-focused.

Your people will tell you what the return on investment is for them - all you can do is ask. There is always a value exchange!


How do you grow an audience that can support going wider? (20:00)

5 Dollar Dinners is highly trafficked, both memberships of Erin’s are woven everywhere - that is how she primarily markets.

The second way she markets is her email list (which is a L-O-T of people)! There is always a mention and a link to her memberships in every email she sends.

Get content out, push people to the email, the emails push people to the membership!


How to be a content machine! (22:00)

When Erin first started she was posting 2 posts a day! Now, she just keeps feeding the machine and has dropped it down to once a week! Keeping things wide really helped Erin make sure there is always a ton of content possible for her.

Short, quick posts are what people want to see - but Erin earned the right to focus, because she *earned* the right to focus. You have to start with more work towards your content in the beginning, like Erin did.

You can’t serve two masters! Erin had to hire part-time help to allow her to have larger chunks of time in the week that she can focus on her business (or job) - and keep the machine running!


Why create multiple memberships? (27:00)

 For Erin, her second membership was born out of viral posts from her content out of her first membership - it was a happy accident!

 The feedback she got was amazing, but it told her what she needed to fix or create! She created the answer to an issue that needed resolved for the people that came into her world.

 Note: she still did NOT go fast in creating her second membership! She still did her beta and took her time as she continued to scale it!


How do you run a massive membership while raising a family? (37:00)

 You can’t serve two masters! Erin had to hire part-time help to allow her to have larger chunks of time in the eek that she can focus on her business (or job).

 There are two modes she finds herself in throughout the year:

  • Business growth mode
  • Business maintenance mode

(You have to be able to switch between the two as life happens)!

 But, it has been such a blessing for her kids to see the time and financial freedom being an entrepreneur has given her family!


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